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"BKC and Seeing Collective have provided us with more than just a platform to sell our prints - they've given us the space to showcase our work, ample encouragement and support through marketing and publicity, an opportunity to connect with other artists, and, most importantly, hope. This is the first time I've sold my photographs, and I'm very thankful to this community for giving me a boost when I really felt like everything had come to a screeching halt" 

Nona Catusanu, artist and filmmaker

All of the photography made available by The Artist Relief Print Sale is a reminder to what is truly important: to be present, to be aware of the communities and people around us, and to consider what others are going through. In a time of great stress and uncertainty, this project brings much needed support, connection, and gratitude to the artists and charities in our neighborhoods. We'll get through this together.”

Caroline LeFevre, photographer and artist

Since day one, Seeing Collective and BKC have been there for us. Building community has been their main goal, both together make the strongest brick in this foundation, and the Artist Relief Print Sale is the best testimony of their effort and work. I'm really grateful to be part of this.”

Mateo Ruiz, Antics Publications

Not only does the work of BKC & Seeing Collective's Artist Relief Sale help with my finances as a freelance photographer during this global pandemic, it gives me future hope in my craft- to see my photographs part of such a philanthropic and powerful group."

Joey Solomon, photographer and artist

Working with BKC is always such a pleasure. They're here for the community and that hasn't changed since day 1. They were the first online community I saw to step up and make a print sale to help artists and others in need through donations. As artists, we need community leaders and BKC is definitely one."

Jai Lennard, photographer and artist

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