ARTIST: Britannie Bond

I am a New York transplant by way of Las Vegas, Indiana, and San Francisco. Since moving to New York, my photography has been my way of transcribing the magnitude of the city into smaller nuanced moments focusing on the transcendence and spontaneity of my new surroundings.

The Wilderness Project is a further exploration, a psychological and sometimes anthropological study, of those themes translating vulnerability into an animal vocabulary exploring the dense and tangled wilderness of the city and its feral inhabitants.

We Move Lightly further continues to mine deeper rooted vestiges of intimacy on the landscape of the body, the elusiveness of memory, and nally the physical transformation that occurs in the wake of subjectivity. It is an inventory of ghosts stuck between moments of anamnesis. If in the end you can step between these photographs, you will be permitted a brief trespass and the ability to restore the time you thought was lost into a healing shape

My work has been featured as an Editor’s Pick in Musee Magazine, Landlock Photo’s ‘Creatures of Habit’, Wordsmiths, and The American Guide; published in The New York Times, TimeOut New York, Brooklyn Magazine, American Theater Magazine, Dramatics Magazine. Recent design work includes: Phil Pickens’ albums Sweet Tea Circus and Cathedrals, Mackenzie Shivers' album THE UNKINDNESS, Sarah Elizabeth Haines' album PRETENDING TO SLEEP, The Hollows’ live album Neverending Show, and Cynthia Arrieu-King's poetry collection Manifest through Switchback Books and Unlikely Conditions through 1913 Press. I've exhibited at Other Voices Gallery in Las Vegas, PowerHouse Arena, Salt Space Gallery, Limner Gallery, Local Arts Project, and Brooklyn Central in New York and my work is currently on permanent display at the Dream Hotel and Renaissance Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.