ARTIST: Cheryl Georgette

Cheryl Georgette is an analog photographer, artist and curator of Damaged Art: A Student Loan Project. She grew up in Racine, WI, lived in NYC for 15 years and most recently moved to Los Angeles. For years Cheryl has assisted fine artist Vera Lutter in New York City and Los Angeles, in which she was an artist and resident at LACMA. Prior to working as an assistant, she worked various positions in the photography and art industry: Ruby Bird Studio, Gowanus Darkroom, The Studio at the Darkroom, Alt Citizen, and Animazing Gallery. As an artist with monstrous outstanding student loan debt, she felt the concept of the show has become a necessity. She curated the Damaged Art Exhibition that focused on New York artists with student loan debt, to continue bringing awareness to artistic talent and the hardships they face in order to be able to create. Each piece of artwork on exhibition for the amount of their entire outstanding loan debt. Cheryl is working on the Damaged Art project to expand to other cities nationwide, setting up a home darkroom in Los Angeles and taking lots of portraits with her 4x5 view camera.