ARTIST: Curtis Widem

Are you looking at these photos and thinking, "Hmmm!"? They're created by artist/teacher Curtis Widem who's a full-time tenured NYC Dept. of Ed. Elementary School Art Teacher who somehow makes time to create art. He has a Bachelors Degree in Art (Experimental Studio!!) from U. of Hartford (CT!), and a Masters Degree in Art Education (Adelphi).

His/my photographs have been exhibited all over NYC, NY and New England, his/my Free Art Dude ( - where I hand out art while wearing a Dada-esque costume has performed throughout NYC, most recently in/at Gowanus Open Studios.

Curtis' photos are Formalist Adventures into the elements and principles of art; specically line, light and shadows. They are created by planning, accident and a little luck. Go to his website (still in progress) to see more.....

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