ARTIST: Eliza Hatch

Eliza Hatch is a 25 year old British photographer and activist living in New York. In January 2017 Eliza founded, 'Cheer Up Luv', an internationally recognised photo and interview series, which retells women's accounts of street harassment. The project combines photography with journalism, activism and social media, and has gained interest from women all over the world. As well as photography, Eliza's work branches out into workshops, exhibitions and lectures and has led to partnering with global organisations, such as The United Nations, Apple, BBC and TEDx.

Eliza's activism with Cheer Up Luv has seen her nominated for the Il Reportage award for photojournalism and Hundred Heroines competition, by the Royal Photographic Society, as well as paving the way for photographic collaborations with organisations like Adobe Stock, Gurls Talk and CHNGE.

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