ARTIST: Helen Ho

Helen Ho (b. September 26, 1993) is a photographer from New York City. Her work resides primarily in the realm of social documentary. Photography is used as a tool in her work to better understand the human experience through visual documentation, that serves as a tangible manifestation of her sense of curiosity in the world. Upon acceptance into Baruch College for her undergraduate studies, Helen pursued a career in psychology. However, halfway through her degree, she transitioned her focus towards photojournalism and multimedia reporting. She graduated with a BA in 2016. She is now studying for her MA in photography and image-making in Paris, France at the Paris College of Art.

In recent years, Helen has spent her time traveling and taking photographs, further rearming her ambition to work in photography while doing so. Her photographs aim to communicate the intersection of psychology and photography, utilizing her education and background in both in order to emphasize the vast spectrum of human experience. The subjects at the forefront of her work focus on people, culture, subculture, and topics of concern within societies or communities, and experiencing and capturing the feeling of empathy. Her growing body of work aims to be an honest portrayal of others, as well as an honest interpretation of her own experience.