ARTIST: Lindsay Chapin

Lindsay Chapin has a background in Fine Arts and documentary projects which developed her investigative approach to photography. With many different inuences and subject matters that span across her portfolio, they all begin from a culture or experience that is calling her to explore further. Throughout her images there is a voyeuristic approach, one that is truly experiential, which is passed onto the viewer to decide how they absorb the evidence. The medium of each project is dependent through its relation to the subject matter, often explored through alternative processes or through lm. The vessel is as important as the topic itself to present the artists' experience through the nal product.

Lindsay is a Photographer & Art Director working and living in New York City. She originally attended the Lesley University College of Art and Design in Boston, Mass for a Fine Arts degree in Photography. She most recently debuted the rst issue of "Prisma Zine," a collection of projects from various photographers with one prompt; create a body of work based off of a randomized color of the spectrum. She also has art directed recent shoots for fashion editorials and video projects.