ARTIST: Louise Rosealma

My name's Louise Rosealma, and I'm a freelance traveling art model from the LA / Ventura area. I've found that my body, and the character that I emit from it, is one of my most powerful mediums that I possess. Whether it be draped in expression, or be expression in itself, I love creating powerful and beautiful visuals that evoke a unique tone or message for the viewer. I've been professionally modeling for over four years with numerous publications, and some of my favorite genres are nude, fashion, kink, and gure. An integral part of my work is my political voice, my body hair, and my queer and non binary identity. They are an expression of spiritual divinity that empower me to know my self worth and assert that I am ne just the way I am. I love working with other artists that like to make people look twice and think hard. Thanks for reading!