ARTIST: Ryan Bourque

I moved to Chicago in 2005 to pursue a degree in Theater from Columbia College. I learned to investigate different creative interests as a way to gain perspective on the other. In 2008 I found myself 12 feet away from the stage that President Obama gave his acceptance speech on, and luckily I had a camera with me. In the same year, I moved into a loft with 12 people and began taking photographs of everything. I captured the experience of living there and the bombastic energy right outside my bedroom door. I quickly began exploring any area of photography I found inspiration in. It was a defining time for me, and I haven’t stopped photographing since.

Time Out Magazine Chicago assigned me to concerts and events ranging from small clubs, to Van Halen at the United Center, and multi days music festivals. Lollapalooza, and Spring Awakening are some of the festivals I shot over my 3 years with Time Out. At Lollapalooza in 2013 I shot 13 bands in 3 days, and 50,000 people who were forced to flood downtown Chicago during a lighting storm on the second day of the festival. Not only do I document the bands performances, but also the crowd’s experience at the event.

Every time I travel to a new place I bring my camera, and expose the shifts in culture, architecture, and landscapes through pictures of these places. I photographed a road trip from Chicago, through Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, then 4 days in New York City, and a 28 hour train ride from NYC back to Chicago. A year later, I documented a 3 day drive from Las Angeles to San Francisco, 3 days in the Bay Area, a 39 hour train ride from San Francisco to Denver, 3 days in Denver, and a 29 hour train ride back to Chicago. These two trips create one catalogue of photographs about a culture, and the tremendous landscapes that surrounds us.

Ive had 5 solo exhibitions that I have, and I’ve released a number of books showcasing different collections of my work over the past 12 year.