ARTIST: William Van Beckum

A photographic artist working with appropriated imagery to explore anthropocentrism through the lens of landscape photography and social media.

In William's art practice and research he investigates how social media reflects an increasingly self-centered attitude towards the natural world. He borrows Instagram images of famous landscape destinations and creates new compositions which dissect the ways in which humans view and value landscapes. These installations take on a variety of forms, but typically pay homage to the history of landscape art, while casting an often cynical perspective on the role of humans in the age of the anthropocene.

William is interested in how the medium of photography has evolved from William Henry Fox Talbot's first photographic experiments into the social media culture of today. His art and research probes at moments of transition within the history of photography in an effort to understand how we arrived at todays image driven forms of understanding.

William earned his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and his BA from Emerson College. He is currently a Visiting Lecturer in Photography at Wellesley College.


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